Friday, October 4, 2013

Spiked Cider...

Happy Friday!!! We got a taste of winter here this morning, a light dusting of snow and below normal temperatures. Some people are excited for winter to come, I just want to have a proper fall. The leaves just started turning and it is beautiful. Fall is my favorite time of year, I can do without winter or snow at least.

I bought some local apple cider this week and knew that I wanted to spike it up! Who doesn't love hot apple cider and who doesn't love spiked cider more? Its just one of those things that put a smile on this girls face, whisky makes me frisky.

Hope you all have a great weekend and get a chance to enjoy fall or an early winter.

Spiked Hot Apple Cider

serves 2 

1 1/2 Cups Apple Cider
3 ounces Jim Beam Red Stag Spiced Bourbon Whisky
1 Cinnamon Stick

In a small pan, add cinnamon stick to apple cider and heat on low for 15 minutes. Do not let boil, you are just infusing the cinnamon into the cider. Add booze and serve. 

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