Monday, July 1, 2013

Peach and Thyme Cobbler and enjoying best summer in years...

Hello there, hope you all are enjoying Summer 2013, I know I am. This has got to be the best summer I have had in years. So much planned and happening I could just bust! Last week I went to my first Red Rocks show and had a blast, Boo and I have been working at his place painting and getting ready for his housewarming party that is in a few weeks, Liam and I have been spending many hours at the pool and getting ready for his first sleep over. Its a jam packed summer and I feel like its all going too quickly. We have a fun filled week of party after party and cannot wait to cook and bake and have fun with the people I love! What are your Fourth of July plans?

We have been getting some amazing peaches here in Colorado; they are some of the best in the country, comparable to Georgia peaches. Last week I stocked up on a bunch and new I had some baking in order. I thought I wanted to make a pie, but opted for a cobbler instead and not just any cobbler, Peach Thyme Cobbler. You heard me right "Thyme" as in the herb. Its one of those combinations that speak volumes and I used some of the thyme that I planted in my little patio container garden.