Thursday, August 29, 2013

Where has the time gone? And a recap of summer...

I cannot believe its been almost TWO whole months since my last post. I had intentions of making so many posts this summer on recipes, travel, and DIY's but the time has just flown by, I apologize and hope to make it up to you this fall. Mad props to the bloggers that post regularly throughout summer.

This summer has been the best I've had in years, I cannot remember a summer filled with so much fun. Here's a short recap of some of our summer happenings...

Liam's first baseball game.

Kid even got a game day ball!

So much sugar!!!

One of many romantic dinners with my boo.

Lots of swimming, Euro style of course.

OAR concert at Red Rocks!

4th of July and super blonde!

Mountain party with Jack and Sierra.

Monday's, Mojitos, and Mommies.

Liam's first sleep over, complete with homemade pizza and ice cream.

First weekend getaway with the boo, to Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

Hot Springs pool, whitewater rafting down the Colorado River, lots of food, a great time!

On the Hanging Lake Trail.

Almost to Hanging Lake.

Worth the struggle!

Rockies VS Cubs game. 

My favorite picture!

Liam and I camping at Golden Gate Canyon State Park, Colorado.

Our Chipmunk friend.

Roasting marshmallows!

A birthday celebration and possibly the best steak I ever had, at Del Frisco's.

Ice Cream CAKE!!!

New Belgium Brewery Tour, Fort Collins Colorado

Such a fun time!

A wedding in Silverthorne, Colorado with these 2 studs!

A brother and sister getting down!

Broncos preseason game, Club level at that!