Thursday, January 24, 2013

Valentine's Day Vase Repurpose...

I'm really excited about Valentine's Day approaching and have been making a slew of Red, White, and Pink crafts for the apartment. Not that its going to be romantic in any way for me, my love life is nonexistent and I should be at home watching slasher movies and drinking heavily. But I will be at work waiting on those that actually go out on the Day of Love, with a somewhat genuine smile on my face.

I get excited to share these days with Liam and teach him what the meaning is all about. One year he and I went on something I called the cupid run, we went and surprised all of my girlfriends at their jobs with chocolate's, roses, and balloons. It was really exciting to see the reaction on their faces! It was a great way of saying "I LOVE YOU" to all the girls that help me with my kiddo.

I bought these cute little vases at the dollar store with redoing them in mind. I had red and white yarn laying around from the wreath I just made. So I wrapped them twice and then once in the opposite color.

I love how they turned out and excited to share them with you. Hopefully you are getting an opportunity to make something cute for someone special. Homemade is always the best!

Thinking some mini carnations will go perfect in these cute little guys!

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