Monday, March 3, 2014

Best of February 2014...

Happy Monday, Are you all excited for spring as much as I am? Stupid question, right? The older I get the more I cannot stand winter, and winters here in the Denver area aren't all that bad. I just cannot wait to have spring arrive.

As usual the time is flying by and so much is happening. I'm almost finished moving with my Boo and we couldn't be more excited. He's probably not excited seeing all my junk that comes along with Liam and myself. Hence, lots of projects in the future. 

February was filled with lots of exciting things, and probably most exciting was Liam getting accepted into school of our dreams. We are all very excited and grateful for the opportunity and education he is going to receive. 
I was holding my breath for months waiting for this day to come!
We got sweet with Valentine's Day Sugar Cookies, recipe here
Made some yummy Raspberry Chocolate Almond Muffins, recipe HERE
My favorite recipe this month, Chocolate Thyme Cookies, recipe HERE

Liam's first Denver Nuggets Basketball game, him and Rocky.
Karate tournament, he placed "best in hand form".
New belt this month too, graduated up to yellow. Proud of my Tiny Tiger.

Warmed up one evening with Chicken Marsala, recipe HERE

Excited for all the change that is happening around me!


  1. Hi Jen and yes, I'm soooo excited for spring to hurry up and get here. If I have to scrape ice and snow off of my car one more day, I'm going to start pulling my hair out. Hey and that's great that Liam got his yellow belt and is getting into a cool school. It looks like February was a good month for both of you.

    1. It was a great month Dee, thank you! Wishful thinking for an early spring. :)


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