Monday, October 14, 2013

Broke and Bored, installment 3

Hello and Happy Monday! Are you enjoying fall yet? Its been really starting to cool off around here and it couldn't be nicer. This past weekend Boo and I hosted a family game night, we played games, ate tons of food, and had plenty to drink. It was really nice seeing everyone, it was like the home-opener for the holidays. We had a chili bar, complete with chili (of course), all the toppings, baked potatoes, nachos, Boo's moms crab dip that was TO DIE FOR, and Pumpkin whoopie pies. I'm really happy to be involved with his family, its really nice for everyone to be so accepting. 

Last week Liam and I had a little fall scavenger hunt around our apartment complex; we collected leaves, pine cones, and sticks. He really gets into nature and I love his excitement about the change in colors and the seasons. Once we got home we inspected our findings and created a new fall vignette for our living room. We put our colorful leaves in an old frame that I had, scattered the pine cones, and saving the sticks for something else. Its not the most original idea out there, but it was fun spending time with him and watching his excitement and I get to look at something new and beautiful for a little bit. 
photo bomb!
There are so many different trees around our apartment, every color too! I think I might miss this place when we move, especially the pool! 

Are you bringing nature into your home this fall?

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