Tuesday, May 13, 2014

New Door Color...

Since Brandon moved into his house I've been dropping the hint about painting the front door. He's been open to changing it since I moved in. His style is more traditional and conservative and mine is a little out there. I keep saying to him that its only paint, its not permanent. So here are a few pics that really strike my fancy...

I love how rich and classic this blue is, and I'm pretty sure Boo would agree to this.

Isn't this coral dreamy?

I'm leaning towards an Hermes orange...bold and playful.

Bright yellow is one of my favorite colors. 

Lime green, so unexpected and very chic.

How pretty is this bright pink? And how out of the question do you think it is, too? A girl can dream right?

All pics are via Pinterest and original source cannot be found. 


  1. I love the colors you have in mind. I like the orange door best.


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