Monday, March 31, 2014

DIY...Wine Box turned Jewelry Display...

I've had this old wine box laying around for some time. I made a jewelry display out of it a couple years ago, but really didn't like the paint or the overall look. So I made a simple plan to redo it and have it sit pretty on top of my dresser.

I spray painted the entire box glossy black and then hand painted the interior back crisp white.  I had originally planned on applying white contact paper that was gold specked, but it didn't adhere; DIY fail. Next pre-drilled holes on one side and inserted small gold hooks, your fingertips will thank you for pre-drilling.

I love how tall the box is, its almost tall enough for all my long necklaces. It displays everything really well and there is also space for my perfumes, too. 

Any clever ideas to store your jewelry?

I'm sharing this DIY over at The Best of the Nest, CHECK IT OUT HERE!!!


  1. Now, that's a really good idea. Your project turned out great.

  2. Such a fantastic idea to keep everything organized and with all your cute jewelry :) pretty enough to keep out on display!! Great diy, Jen! Thanks for stopping by to share it at Best of the Nest!

    1. Thanks Pam! And thanks for hosting, its always fun to see all the great ideas!

  3. Jen that is such a great way to display your jewelry! I love that it stands up, it would be so perfect on a vanity or bureau. The little gold hooks are so cute.

  4. Such a clever idea! So now I need to get a box of wine (and of course drink that wine - it's part of the job, right?) so I can make my own!

  5. Love this! I desperately need to do something about my jewelry and this is pushing me toward getting something together for it.

  6. Such a great re-purpose, Jen! Now you have a place to display all of your beautiful jewelry.


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