Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine's Day DIY and our niche...

Valentine's Day is so close I can smell it, or is that all the goodies I've been baking?!?! Last year I was playing for the other team, as excited as I was there was still part of me that was bitter for being single. This year more than makes up for all the single years, I'm head-over-heels for my Boo; he's simply amazing and my biggest fan and support system. I LOVE YOU, BRANDON!!! 

As excited as I am about being in love, I'm excited to finally announce that Liam and I are moving into his house. We've pretty much settled in for a while now, but its almost official. There is some difference in opinions with decorating and whatnot, I sure he'll get my eye for design eventually. 

Yesterday Liam and I had a little craft day and we made some Valentine's decorations. We picked up some wooden hearts at Joann's for only $5, I had some paint on hand; and we went to town. Its always fun watching your little one get creative. He used the same colors as I did, but ultimately chose his own design. The whole time he was painting he kept saying, "I'm making this for Grandma Lisa", Brandon's mom. He even got to give it to her himself. 

 I'm pretty impressed by his...see for yourself. 

I wanted something a little girly and modern, think Kate Spade...

As for the niche above our fireplace, its weird and awkward. I'm really at a loss as to what the hell to do with it, its meant for an old-school box TV. I say lets cover it up however Boo says "no way". The whole thing could use a makeover, in the future for sure!

Have you gotten crafty this Valentine's?


  1. Super cute…I've been a slacker and haven't put out a single Valentine decoration!

    1. Thanks Jamie, I didn't do anything until this week. And just now remembered that I have to bring the chocolate milk for Liam's school party tomorrow.


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