Monday, March 4, 2013

Excited about a new project...

A few months ago I purchased an old dining table and chair set from Goodwill. Its a mid century modern set that I fell instantly in love with. Its like nothing I've ever seen before, it sits really low to the ground and fits in with my most of my pieces. It needs a little TLC and I'm excited about finally starting it. 

I've been redoing furniture for a long time now, I love finding an old piece and making it new again. It all started in junior high when I was in wood shop and I refinished an old dresser that had been in my family for a long time, my sister still has that piece.

These chairs have seen better days, but they are pretty solid. I have been sanding away for the past few days, bought the paint and fabric to cover them. I'm so excited about this project, its going to tie the whole apartment together.

I'm in love with the fabrics, yellow and grey are one of my favorite color combinations. The yellow chevron is for some pillows, the grey chevron is going to be for my ottoman that I'm going to redo, too. My goal is to have this all done by the end of the month, along with a couple other DIY projects I have lined up. 

                                           Are you working on any projects for your home?

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