Friday, February 15, 2013

A Valentine's Celebration...

Happy Valentine's Day! I know a day late, but I had to get all the pictures together from the whole day...didn't want to leave one cute detail out! This week has been very exciting with many celebrations and festivities happening, and I'm so happy we participated in everything!

Valentine's day we woke up early and I surprised Liam with his gifts and the cutest breakfast. It was exciting watching his little face light up at the sight of toys and candy at the crack of dawn. My favorite part was him thanking me, "Thank you for the candy Mommy".

Liam had a party at school yesterday and earlier in the week he worked on his Valentine's for his class. We made chocolate cake pops for everyone and gave his teachers and all the girls in his class flowers, I'm creating a heart breaker! He was so excited passing out his presents to his friends, he really is a giving child and that makes me so proud.

After we had our heart inspired breakfast it was time to get all dressed up, it was a celebration so dressing to the nines was in order. Not sure how much he liked that part of the day, but he sure did look like the most handsome gentleman! 

Before school we made a trip to Lamar's Donuts, the best donut in Colorado. A special surprise I had planned for him as a well teaching him a little about random acts of kindness. I've always wanted to take him to the fire station to meet the fire fighters and to see the trucks up close, and today was the perfect chance to show our love and appreciation for our local heroes. We delivered a dozen donuts to the guys, he was a little shy at first but opened up we he got to sit in the big ladder truck and got his own personal fireman hat! Truly a great experience and memory I'm sure he will talk about for a long time.

Our Valentine's Day was a complete success and I was happy to share it with my little man! He truly melts my heart with how sharing, grateful, and loving he is. Hope you had a wonderful day filled with love! 

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